Creating the World's High-Performance Alloys

Special Metals is the world leader in the invention, production and supply of high-nickel alloys for critical engineering.


A quick look back into our past.

Wiggin Limited

Special Metals Wiggin Limited begins making specialty alloys in 1835.

Birth of NIMONIC®

During World War II, Wiggin Alloys invents the NIMONIC® family of alloys for gas turbine engines.

Huntington Alloys

Huntington Alloy Works was founded in 1922, where researchers began creating most of today’s alloy families

Special Metals

Special Metals Corporation was born 1998 with the acquisition of Inco Alloys International Inc.

Our History

Seven generations of innovation

Times have changed since the 1830’s—but our spirit of invention and drive to create new metallurgical solutions for the toughest engineering challenges hasn’t.

Precision Castparts Corp.

Global Industrial Leaders

Special Metals is owned by Precision Castparts Corp. (PCC), which is a global conglomerate operating in more than a dozen countries that manufactures complex metal components and products, high-quality investment castings, forgings and fastener systems for power generation, aerospace, space exploration, military and other mission-critical applications.

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PCC Energy Group

Driving energy sector solutions

As part of PCC Energy Group, Special Metals collaborates with industry-leading brands to create alloy solutions for critical energy sector challenges.

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Global Reach and Delivery

The Special Metals Corporation group includes international manufacturing divisions and sales and marketing organizations to serve specific parts of the world.


The name that started it all, Wiggin Limited began producing specialty alloys in 1835—setting the standard for innovation that Special Metals still follows today.

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WASA specializes in the production of super alloy products, as well as advanced melting capabilities for the purest product quality.

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Overall Forge

Major supplier to the Australasian and Southeast Asian mining and quarrying industries, retaining a continuing high profile in the worldwide oil and gas exploration industry.

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As the largest facility of its kind in the world, the Huntington facility is the principal production site for Special Metals operations in the U.S.—devoted exclusively to the development, production and sale of nickel alloys.

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PCC Revert

A leader in the management of nickel- and cobalt-based superalloy and titanium alloy recycling for the aerospace, land-based turbine and chemical industries.

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Welding Products

Special Metals Welding Products solves engineering problems with innovative new welding alloys and consumables to meet evolving customer needs.

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Tech Pilot Processing Center

Two of the best pilot plant facilities in the world, combined to one integrated resource when it comes to the melting and conversion of custom nickel-, titanium-, cobalt- and iron-based alloys.

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