A-1 Wire

When Performance is Down to the Wire

A-1 Wire is focused on specialty high-performance nickel alloy and stainless steel wire products, drawn-to-order and supplied for use in a broad range of applications.

Difference in the details

When overall project integrity is on the line, customers turn to A-1 Wire for products made to outperform the competition—from bicycle spokes to fast-food fryers.

Extensive capabilities

Our operations include fine-wire drawing capacity, straighten and cut equipment for bar products, a turks head machine for rolled sections and a shaver for aircraft-quality, seam-free wire.

Strand annealing

Our strand annealing capacities has doubled with the installation of our second bright annealing furnace for processing 0.312” – 0.032” (7.9 mm – 0.8 mm) diameter wires.

Quality you can expect

State-of-the-art equipment and skilled personnel assure quality control at every stage of the manufacturing operation, covering physical and metallurgical testing, surface quality and size inspection.

Superior products and services

Special Metals brings the leading names in metal together for extensive capabilities, products and services you won’t find anywhere else.

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