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INCO-WELD® Filler Metals
INCO-WELD® Filler Metal 686CPT®

Specifications: AWS A5.14, ERNiCrMo-14; ISO SNi6686; UNS N06686; ASME IX, F-No. 43; ASME II, SFA-5.14, ERNiCrMo-14; Europe NiCr21Mo16W4

INCO-WELD® Filler Metal 725NDUR

Specifications: AWS A5.14, ERNiCrMo-15; Europe NiCr21Mo8Nb3Ti; ISO SNi7725; UNS N07725; ASME II, SFA-5.14, ERNiCrNi-15

INCO-WELD® Filler Metal C-276

Specifications: AWS A5.14, ERNiCrMo-4; UNS N10276; Europe NiCrMo16Fe6W4; Werkstoff Nr. 2.4886; ASME IX, F-No. 43; ASME II, SFA-5.14, ERNiCrMo-4; ISO SNi6276

INCO-WELD® Filler Metal HX
INCO-WELD® Thermal Sprays
INCO-WELD® Thermal Spray C276TSW
INCO-WELD® Welding Electrodes
INCO-WELD® Welding Electrode 686CPT®

Specifications: AWS A5.11, ENiCrMo-14; ISO ENi6686; UNS W86026; ASME IX, F-NO. 43; ASME II, SFA-5.11, ENiCrMo-14; Europe ENiCr21Mo16W4

INCO-WELD® Welding Electrode A

Specifications: AWS A5.11, ENiCrFe-2; DIN 1736 EL-NiCr15FeNb; ASME IX, F-NO. 43; Europe ENiCr21Mo16W4; Werkstoff Nr. 2.4805; UNS W86133; Europe ENiCr16Fe9NbMo; ASME II, SFA-5.11, ENiCrFe-2; ISO ENi6092; VdTÜV 2104.00

INCO-WELD® Welding Electrode C-276

Specifications: AWS A5.11, ENiCrMo-4; Werkstoff Nr. 2.4887; UNS W80276; DIN 1736 SG-NIMo16Cr16W; ASME IX, F-NO. 43; Europe ENiCr15Mo15W; ASME II, SFA-5.11, ENiCrMo-4; ISO ENi6276