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Power Generation

From superalloys for land-base gas turbines, to feedwater and superheater tubing in coal- and oil-fired utilities, to nuclear engineering, the INCONEL® , INCOLOY®, NIMONIC®, MONEL® and UDIMET® alloys are used for their corrosion resistance and high-temperature strength. And we have alloy products used in solar engineering and nuclear fission development programs.

Gas turbine brochure (PDF 2,017KB)

Suggested alloys for power generation applications:

INCONEL® alloy N06230 INCONEL® alloy 740 NIMONIC® alloy 86
INCONEL® alloy 600 INCONEL® alloy X-750 NIMONIC® alloy 90
INCONEL® alloy 617 INCOLOY® alloy 800HT® NIMONIC® alloy 105
INCONEL® alloy 625 INCOLOY® alloy 825 NIMONIC® alloy 115
INCONEL® alloy 625LCF® INCOLOY® alloy 925 NIMONIC® alloy 263
INCONEL® alloy 690 INCOLOY® alloy 25-6MO NIMONIC® alloy 901
INCONEL® alloy 706 INCOLOY® alloy 27-7MO NIMONIC® alloy PE11
INCONEL® alloy 718 NIMONIC® alloy 75 NIMONIC® alloy PE16
  NIMONIC® alloy 80A NIMONIC® alloy PK33
  NIMONIC® alloy 81 Waspaloy