Strength in Numbers

Special Metals brings together the strongest names from across the alloys industry, providing comprehensive metallurgical solutions for even the most extreme mission-critical applications.

An Industry Leader

With roots dating back to the 1800s, Special Metals has been setting the standard for metal alloys and products for nearly 170 years. As industry needs have evolved, so has Special Metals—with a growing business that comprises eight individual divisions. Today, Special Metals offers customers the global reach they need to stay on top of the world’s toughest metallurgical challenges.

Greater than the Sum of Our Parts

See a quick snapshot of the names that make up Special Metals:

Wiggin Limited

The name that started it all, Wiggin Limited began producing specialty nickel alloy products in 1835—setting the standard for innovation that Special Metals still follows today.

A-1 Wire

Service-driven partner that offers fine-wire drawing capacities, straighten and cut equipment for bar products, a turks head machine for rolled sections and shaver seam-free wire.

Overall Forge

Major supplier to the Australasian and Southeast Asian mining and quarrying industries, retaining a continuing high profile in the worldwide oil and gas exploration industry.

PCC Revert

A leader in the management of nickel- and cobalt-based superalloy and titanium alloy recycling for the aerospace, land-based turbine and chemical industries.


As the largest facility of its kind in the world, the Huntington facility is the principal production site for Special Metals operations in the U.S.—devoted exclusively to the development, production and sale of nickel alloys.

Welding Products

Special Metals Welding Products solves engineering problems with innovative new welding alloys and consumables to meet evolving customer needs.

Pilot Processing Center

Two of the best pilot plant facilities in the world, combined as one integrated resources for the melting and conversion of custom nickel-, titanium- and iron-based alloys.