New Hartford

Aerospace Industry Recognition

The New Hartford and Dunkirk facilities in New York are industry leaders in the production of premium quality nickel base superalloys for both static and rotating aerospace and land-based gas turbine applications. Our facilities are accredited to the most recent release of the rigorous Aerospace Standard, AS9100 Revision D.

Primary Melting

Our Vacuum Induction Melting (VIM) furnace is our primary melting process, and at 45,000 pounds capacity makes it among the largest in the world. In addition to servicing cast and wrought billet applications, we also produce premium-quality re-melt alloys for powder applications.

Cold Finishing

SMC's cold finishing facility includes conditioning equipment for billet and bar surface preparation (ground or peeled). Billet and bar surfaces are finished to meet all varieties of customer specifications and inspection criteria.

Non-Destructive Testing

SMC conducts a variety of non-destructive tests on our product including penetrant inspection and contact and immersion sonic inspection to ensure compliance to all of our customer specifications. Our C-scan immersion sonic inspection system for billet is among the newest in the world.

Secondary Melting

SMC's wrought alloys are remelted in Electroslag Remelting (ESR) furnaces and/or Vacuum Arc Remelting (VAR) furnaces.

Our VAR units are double station furnaces capable of melting ingots from 9-inch diameter by 1,000 pounds to 30-inch diameter by 20,000 pounds.

ESR units capability range from 17-inch diameter by 4,000 pounds to 30-inch diameter by 30,000 lbs.

SMC is considered a world leader in melting technology; this leadership translates into lot-to-lot uniformity and the highest quality in all of our products.

All of the secondary melting furnaces have modern control systems, many of which were developed by Special Metals.

As part of our commitment to continuous improvement and advancement of product quality, Special Metals continues to develop and implement new control technologies across all of our secondary melting furnaces.

Forge Operations

SMC’s forging operation is located in Dunkirk, New York and is also accredited to AS 9100 Revision C standards. In addition to servicing our New Hartford facility, toll conversion forging equipment/capabilities are available for iron, nickel and titanium based materials.

The Dunkirk facility’s capabilities include:

4,500T SMS open die press with state of the art networked controls coupled with two 12.5T GLAMA rail bound manipulators installed in 2014. Processing capabilities:

  • Ingots and RCS sections between 6” and 34” in diameter
  • Slabs from 6” to 34” width

CNC controlled 1,000MT Rotary Forge capable of forging 550mm ingots down to 100mm as well as slabs between 102mm and 305mm in width.

Integrated data control and collection systems providing and collecting forge data for each process step to ensure full conformance to requirements

Overhead chargers providing rapid furnace-to-die transfer times

Thermal treating capabilities that include a total of 21 modern furnaces surveyed to current AMS2750 standards for in-process heating operations


Laboratory Testing and Material Certification

Special Metals New Hartford maintains a full service, NADCAP and ISO 17025 accredited materials testing laboratory.

In house testing capabilities include:

Chemical Analysis: Spectrographic, atomic absorption and semi-quantitative analysis methods.

Metallography: Fully-equipped metallographic preparation and sample evaluation laboratory.

Physical Properties: Differential thermal analysis for determination of solid state transformation temperatures.

Mechanical Testing: Ambient and high-temperature tensile testing, stress rupture testing, creep testing, hardness testing on as-finished, heat-treated and/or roll down samples.

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