Special Metals

Western Australian Specialty Alloys (WASA)

Masters at Melting

The toughest applications call for the strongest products. And the only way to make that happen? Get the quality melting techniques and premium alloy ingots of WASA on your side—and find product strength, right from the start.


Whether your project demands primary vacuum induction melting, secondary remelting or even triple-melt capabilities, WASA has reliable facilities and outstanding commitment to quality to deliver on your needs.

A Critical Resource for Ingot

Western Australian Specialty Alloy’s dependable products—like nickel and cobalt-based super alloy ingot—have become a staple in aerospace, power generation, oil and gas and chemical applications.

Alloy Examples

Alloy types produced include IN718, WASPALOY, 13-8MO and X-750 for forging, and IN738LC, IN939 and B1900 for casting. For a complete range of Special Metals alloys, click here.


Our ingots come as homogenized, cropped, conditioned or cast ingots for forging in 16", 18", 20" or 24" diameter—including double melt (VIM/VAR) ingot, VIM/ESR ingot and triple melt (VIM/ESR/VAR) ingot.

Master Melt Ingots

Our master melt ingot capabilities include 80 mm (3.35") – 17 mm (7.00") diameter supplied as random length up to 1000 mm (40") or cut to weight charges.

Superior Products & Services

Special Metals brings the leading names in metal together for extensive capabilities, products and services you won’t find anywhere else.

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