Special Metals

Electric & Telecom

Metal Makes the Modern Age

Special Metals makes the alloys that drive innovation in the electronics and telecommunications industries.

Nickel Alloys

in Electronics

New engine ratings and pollution control requirements are creating new applications for INCOLOY®, INCONEL® and NIMONIC® alloys.

Why Nickel Alloys?

High strength at high and low temperatures, corrosion resistance, controlled thermal expansion, and excellent spring properties.

Magnetic Shields

The soft magnetic properties of nickel-iron alloys are used for electromagnetic shielding of computers and telecommunications equipment.

Integrated Circuits

Integrated circuit assemblies use nickel alloys to enhance performance, accelerate manufacturing time, increase durability and resist corrosion.

Alloys for Electronics & Telecom

  • Nickel 200
  • Nickel 201
  • Nickel 205
  • Nickel 212
  • Nickel 270
  • DURANICKEL® alloy 301
  • Electroformed Nickel Foil
  • FERRY® alloy
  • MONEL® alloy 401
  • MONEL® alloy 404
  • NILO® alloy 36
  • NILO® alloy 42
  • NILO® alloy 48
  • NILO® alloy K
  • NILOMAG® alloy 77
  • NI-SPAN-C® alloy 902